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Who the Heck?

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Meet Topher!


Topher likes long walks down to the lakeshore, drawing funky things, cats, and outdoor activities!


When he's not working on mock tattoo flash pages, silly /indulgent animations, or pumping out bright and poppy illustrations (because who doesn't need more colour in their life?) he's probably lying on his bed wondering why the @#$% the weather

is only good for kayaking during his work hours and not after.


While he's committed to honing his craft, refining his skills, &  developing a stellar portfolio, Topher believes he has been put on this crazy planet to have some fun and make sure you do too by enjoying his creations!

If you want to see some more cool, funky things as well as some works in progress and maybe even some edible creations,

check out his insta down below! 

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